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"Vickie" - Victorian Stirling Cycle Engine

Vickie Engine front photo

Vickie Engine rear photo

Stirling engines have no valves, carburetor, ignition system or boilers and they run almost ghostly silent. Properly made, they will run flawlessly every time a source of heat is applied!

"Vickie" is a stirling cycle engine of modified Heinrici type with elegant victorian styling designed for pleasing looks as was applied to 18th and 19th century engines and machines. Three fluted columnar legs and two stylish crossheads of differing style blend perfectly with the curved and angular lines of the engine frames.

The engine is primarily made of aluminum with accents of polished brass and stainless steel and trimmed in dark green and maroon paint. A belt driven brass cooling fan competes with the rod and crosshead action for attention. Vickie is powered by an attractive horizontal brass alcohol burner which sports an integral fuel level sight glass.

Vickie is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful stirling engines ever designed. I hope that you'll agree too! She is a true heirloom engine which will surely be handed down from generation to generation.

The plans set consists of 16 sheets of drawings and 3 sheets of construction and assembly notes.

Flywheel Dia.: 4-5/8"
Cylinder Bore: .600
Piston Stroke: 1"
Overall Length: 10"

"Vickie" Engine Plans Set - $23.00
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Graphite & Ball Bearings Kit

(1) 5/8" dia. x 1.4" long graphite for piston
(2) .250" x .500" x .187" thick ball bearings

Graphite & Bearings Kit $16.00
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