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Engine Plans Sets
 Qty.  Description  $ Price  $ Total
   "Beamer" Stirling Cycle Beam Engine Plans   24.00  
   "Vickie" Victorian Stirling Cycle Engine Plans   23.00  
   "Miser" Low Temp Stirling Cycle Engine Plans   23.00  
   "Vintage" Stirling Cycle Engine Plans   23.00  
   Ringbom Stirling Cycle Pumping Engine Plans   23.00  
   "Duplex Vacuum" Stirling Cycle Engine Plans   23.00  
   Sideshaft Vacuum Engine Plans   16.00  
   "4-in-1" Vacuum Engine Plans   24.00  
   Mini Stirling Cycle Engine Fan Plans   17.00  
   Super Stirling Cycle Engine Fan Plans   23.00  
   "Howell V-Four" 4-Cycle Gas Engine Plans   75.00  
   "Howell V-Twin" 4-Cycle Gas Engine Plans   48.50  
   "Farm Boy" Hit-&-Miss 4-Cycle Gas Engine Plans   30.00  
   "Plunket Jr." 4-Cycle Gas Engine Plans   28.00  
   "PowerHouse" 4-Cycle Gas Engine Plans   26.50  
   1906 "Bill" 4-Cycle Gas Engine Plans   28.00  

Other Project Plans
 Qty.  Description  $ Price  $ Total
   High Speed Auxiliary Mill Spindle Plans & Bearings   18.00  
   Howell 2-Jet Throttle Plans     9.50  
   Howell Magnetic Drive Water Pump Plans     8.00  
   "1779" 24 Pounder Naval Canon Plans   17.00  
   Micro Drill Press Plans   17.50  
   Precision Mini Drill Press Plans   22.00  
   Mini Propane Burner & Regulator Plans     9.50  
   Gear Cutting Without Index Plates Data Tables   14.50  
   Ball & Radius Turning Attachment Plans   15.00  
   Telegraph Key & Sounder Plans   16.00  
   "Millers Falls" Miterbox Saw Plans   12.00  

Material kits & parts for many of the above projects are on the Kits & Parts Order Form

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