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You can print the Project Plans Order Form and/or the Kits & Parts Order Form provided and fill them out.  If your printer is not working, or if you don't have a printer, you may generate a written note of the items you are ordering but please PRINT LEGIBLY so someone other than you can read it.  A sloppy "5" can be taken for an "S", an "a" for an "o", etc.  this has happened more than a few times and caused me a ton of grief!

There is no reason to cut up the order forms. Five sheets of 20 lb. 8-1/2" x 11" printer/copy paper in a standard 10" business envelope will only weigh 1 ounce and will mail in the USA with the minimum rate postage stamp.
All orders are sent by United States Postal Service to anyplace on earth.  I mail most plan sets (5 or more pages) in a manila catalog envelope so they don't have to be rolled or folded.  Material items must be mailed in a carton.  Orders are usually sent out the next business day (except if I am away to a show).  Orders for both plans and material items will probably get separated in the mail and could arrive a few days apart.  I am not responsible for orders lost in the postal system. As of 2009, not a single U.S., Canadian or overseas order out of thousands sent have been lost since early 2002. Although VERY unlikely, it is possible that it could happen.

We accept Purchase Orders, but for plans only.  Once paid, we will accept subsequent P.O.'s for "parts" orders.

On about 1/5 of the order forms I get, the order amount was added up wrong, or either the Plans Order Form P&H fee or the Kits & Parts Order Form P&H fee is ommited. These problems cost me time to make the customer aware of the problem and delays their order.

My request for your e-mail address on the order forms is strictly for my use ONLY in the event I need to contact you about a problem with your order. I do not sell them or give them away or use them for any other purpose. Actually, I don't even bother looking at them if the order can be filled promptly with no problems - which is the case more than 99% of the time.

Orders From The USA

Use our newer web site, for on-line ordering and payments using Paypal or credit cards.  For security reasons I don't divulge my bank account information for direct deposit.  I accept checks, money orders, travelers checks or the ever popular US Currency.  If you do that, be sure to wrap it up in such a way (aluminum foil works well) that postal workers won't know there is cash in the envelope. This has proven to be safe. Make checks, money orders, etc. payable to: Outpost Enterprises, LTD.

Postage & Handling in the USA is now $5.00 for PLANS, no matter how large or small the order is.
Postage & Handling in the USA is $7.50 for KITS or PARTS, no matter how large or small the order is.
(In some cases, these are less than what it actually costs me for the postage).

NOTICE - If the USA Postage & Handling fee is not included, the order can not be sent. Sorry, no exceptions........

Thank you for your order!

Orders From Outside The USA

Postage & Handling for Canada is $7.50 and overseas is $10.00 for PLANS.
Postage & Handling for PARTS is now $12.00 to Canada, and $19.00 elsewhere.

Payment must be in US Dollars and payable to: Outpost Enterprises, LTD. I can accept any of the following: International Money Order, Bank Check, Bank or Postal Money Order, Travelers Check, these must have the 9 digit routing & transit number and be payable through a US bank, the name of which MUST BE IMPRINTED on the front of the instrument. You should be able to get one of the above at your bank or post office in any country.  Sometimes banks charge outrageous fees for these, so another alternative is to wire the money via Western Union or MoneyGram. The least costly payment method is to send U.S. Dollar Currency. If you do that be sure to wrap it in paper or foil so that postal workers won't be able to determine there is cash in the envelope. Many customers do this and although there is a small risk, it has always proven to be entirely safe.

We now also accept payments via PayPal.

IMPORTANT - Include the completed Order Form(s) with your order or a note indicating what you want. Please ignore the USA $3.00 P&H. It would be wise for you to include your legible return address on your order envelope in case of damage to my address information so they at least can return it to you. This is normal standard practice in most countries.

Thank you for your order!

Delivery Time In USA

Except for the few times each year that I am away to a show, I get the orders out the next business day. If I am away to a show when your order comes, there could be a delay of up to 9 days between the time it arrives and I get back home. In the US, it may take 5 or 6 days for your order to get to me if you are from the eastern US area and that much time again plus a day for your order to arrive to you. On the other hand, I know of one order that went to Minnesota from Colorado in just one day!

Delivery Time Overseas

It seems to take on average about 5 days from western Europe and around 7 days or so from the Pacific Rim countries for me to get the order. The same factors apply as above (Delivery Time In USA) for order processing. I send all outside the USA orders out by air mail. I am required to attach a completed customs form to all parts or kit order cartons for delivery outside the USA. Sometimes these orders can be delayed several days or more in clearing the destination Customs. This does not apply to plans sets as they do not need customs forms.

Thank you for your order!

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