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"PowerHouse" 4-Cycle Gas Engine

The "PowerHouse" engine is a long stroke design for medium to low speed operation. By having a long stroke, it is capable driving a load such as a generator or pump at a leisurely pace. It is made from bar stock and was designed to be as easy to build as possible while retaining good looks. The frame and base plate is from aluminum alloy plate. The cylinder, piston and head are of cast iron bar stock; and the flywheel is of mild steel. The engine is air cooled by fan (belt driven or electric), although it will also operate without one. Spark advance/retard is adjustable while the engine is running. The carburetor is an easy to build type with adjustable speed control and an air cleaner. The engine will run an hour or so on 2 ounces of fuel.

You will need a 6" lathe and a small milling machine with a 6" diameter rotary table. This engine should be as easy for beginners to build as any, and easier than most because the engine frame is so simple.

The model runs from 500 RPM idle to around 1,800 RPM or so wide open and the sound is real nice with the right exhaust pipe at about 800 RPM.

The plans set consists of 16 sheets of quality laser printed CAD drawings and 1 sheet of construction and assembly notes.

Flywheel Dia.: 4.7"
Cylinder Bore: 1"
Piston Stroke: 1-1/2"
Overall Length: 11-1/4"
Height: 5" (lubricator)

"PowerHouse" Engine Plans - $26.50
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