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"1779" 24 Pounder Naval Cannon

Naval Cannon photo

A close replica to one of the 24 pound guns used on the ship USS Constitution.

The original guns were 10 feet long and fired 24 pound iron balls. Canons of that era were usually of cast iron but sometimes bronze, and with oak carriages. Everything on the model works just as on the originals. If you want to be historically correct rather than have a polished mantle piece like mine, the barrel and all fittings should be black and the carriage of oak. Either way, it is an impressive model that will take "center stage" on your fireplace mantle, book shelf or desk.

"Just a quick note to let you know the "1779 Naval Cannon" plans
arrived today. They are great!!!. I want to frame them and hang
them on the wall!"

Dale Trammell - Santa Ana, California

The plans set consists of 8 sheets of drawings, an info sheet and a sheet of construction and assembly notes.

Scale: 1/10th
Length: 12-1/2"
Height: 4-1/4"
Bore: 9/16"

"1779" Cannon Plans Set - $17.00
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