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I started out in hobby machining in 1960 with a little Unimat-3
tabletop metal lathe which also converted into a vertical mill/drill.

The Maximat -7, a really neat 7 inch gear head lathe with vertical milling/drilling
column that I bought new for $595.00 in 1968. It is an excellent machine.
I got it because I had outgrown the Unimat-3.

The Maximat Super - 11 that I bought in 1990. It was an expensive lathe
in 1990, but it is extremely accurate and worth every penny it cost. I got
it because I had outgrown the Maximat-7.

The Jet JVM-836 mill that I bought in 2000. I really like this mill and it
is a great machine in spite of the very reasonable cost.

It replaced a Jet 626 bench knee mill that I outgrew. I got the Jet 626
mill when I outgrew the Maximat-7 vertical column mill, which I got
when I outgrew the Unimat-3 that I started out with in 1960!

This second Jet JVM-836 mill came to my shop in 2003. Sometimes, having
two mills is really handy! Ball screws were installed in 2005, and it was
converted to CNC in January 2007.

Now do you see why I say to get the largest and highest quality machines
that you can afford? Almost everyone else who has been in the hobby for
any length of time will tell you the same thing. Even so, with that said, my
smaller machines still get plenty of use!


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