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About My Products

All of my plans projects are machined from metal bar stock supplied by the builder and no castings are required. This is the lowest cost way for you to build as the metals can usually be purchased from metal salvage yards for around $2.00 or so per pound for aluminum, brass and stainless steel. But as can be seen, most of the model engines are designed to look like they were in fact made from castings instead of rectangular blocks and round bars of metal. Please Note - I do not have any ready to run engines or bolt together engine kits for sale. The plans are for model engines - the engines can be scaled to any size, but no claims of suitability for practical power generation are made.

Suggested Skill/Experience Levels

As a general rule, if you are new to machining and have not built any engines of any kind, you would be advised to build a few bar stock steam (air pressure) engines to develope a 'feel' for the accuracy of fit that engines require before attempting a hot-air or internal combustion engine. From that point, here is how I rate my hot-air engines from easiest to hardest to build:

(1) Sideshaft Vacuum Engine, (2) Mini Stirling Engine Fan, (3) 4-In-1 Vacuum Engine, (4) Super Stirling Engine Fan, (5) Ringbom Stirling Pumping Engine, (6) Vintage Stirling Pumping Engine, (7) Duplex Vacuum Stirling Engine, (8) Vickie Stirling Engine, (9) Beamer Stirling Engine, (10) Miser Low Temp Stirling Engine.

Do not let the above stop you though. Many Miser engines have been successfully built as a first project! It all depends on how particular and precise a builder each person is.

I rate my internal combustion engines as follows: (1) PowerHouse, (2) Bill, (3) Farm Boy, (4) Plunket Jr., (5) Howell V-Twin, (6) Howell V-Four.
Note - The V-Twin and the V-Four engines are for builders who have previously built several successfuly running I.C. engines. I do not recommended these for the novice, although some first time builders have completed very nice running engines.

Plans Sets

The Plans Set drawings are high quality computer generated drawings using a professional CAD (Computer Aided Design) program and printed on 8-1/2" x 11" sheets with a laser printer. This permits you to insert them in plastic sheet protectors so they won't get soiled as you use them in the shop. Dimensions are in U.S. inch decimals - no fractions - which makes it easy for you to change the scale of your model to suit your machine tool capacity or the materials you have on hand or have access to. Multiply dimensions by 25.4 to obtain millimeter dimensions. All drawings are copyright protected and all rights to them are reserved by me. Shop working copies may be made by the purchaser for his own use only. It is a violation of copyright law to sell or give copies away. I will make specific exceptions for educational institutions, please contact me. I do not e-mail plans or distribute the CAD files on disks - my CAD software is vintage 1992 running on MS-DOS version 5.0 and the files wouldn't do you any good anyway! Plan sets are not returnable unless I make a mistake and send the wrong one - in that event I will do whatever it takes to make a correction.

about copyrights

I make every effort to provide very high quality drawings. Here are some comments I have received from customers. You can look here at a sample drawing.

Material Kits

These kits are available for some of the engine projects. They save the builder from wasting time running down these items that would be hard to find in many areas, not to mention the problem of "minimum orders" with various suppliers, multiple shipping costs, etc. These kits will save you time and money. Plans sets are not part of the kits as some builders buy the plans and then later on decide to get the kit. Others buy multiples of the same kits because they are building several projects of the same plan.

Required Machine Tools

You will need a lathe and a milling machine with the usual tooling items. You will need a horizontal/vertical rotary table for your mill if you want to duplicate the visual design aspects of some of the projects - spoked flywheels, fluted columns etc. , but the engines will operate just as well without those features. If you are using small equipment, most of my projects can be scaled down to suit - but remember that as engines get smaller, they are usually harder to build and don't run as well as larger ones. If you intend to only build small models that can be held in one hand (more or less), then table top machines with the proper accessory items will be just fine for you and will save you money. All things considered, if you do not have your machine tools yet, try to aquire machines with greater capacity than the projects you intend to build with them and of the highest quality you can afford. Also remember there is absolutely NO SUBSTITUTE for mass in a machine tool because it will dampen vibration and chatter. I am often asked what equipment I use to make my projects. I use a 1968 Maximat-7 (7 inch) lathe, a 1990 Maximat Super 11 ( 11 inch) lathe and two Jet JVM-836 (8x36) knee mills, one of which I converted to CNC in January 2007. Click here if you would like to see them. The Maximat lathes by Emco-Maier had been out of production for a number of years, but sometimes one will come up for sale on eBay. In case you are wondering - NO, I do not have connections or affiliations of any kind with any supplier mentioned on this web site.


I answer every e-mail inquiry I get via my browser REPLY function, every once in a while one will come back to me as "undeliverable" by the internet system. I try a second time and if that comes back, there is nothing I can do. E-mail viruses are everywhere. I get several or more each day. There could be a virus in an e-mail you send without you even knowing it. My anti-virus software deletes all e-mails that contain a virus - if that happens, I never get your message! If you don't get a reply from me within a few days or so, please try again, or phone.


I often get requests to e-mail a sheet of a plan set so the builder can get an early start while the hard copies are on the way by postal. I have done this many times in the past. Now my 9 year old scanner has finally gave out and went to the junk yard. I now use a digital camera and just directly upload new .jpg photos to the web site instead of having to scan photo prints like I used to, so I am not going to invest in another scanner - at least not until I have a future need that would justify the cost. Until and if that day ever comes, I won't be able to scan and e-mail plan drawing sheets anymore.

Everything that I have for sale is listed on this web site - if you don't see it here on one of the 70+ pages, then I just don't have it and it is not available.

I sometimes get letters requesting a brouchure or catalog be sent. I don't have any printed material to mail out. This web site is my ALWAYS UP TO DATE catalog.

Every now and then I get asked if there are quantity purchase discounts. The answer is yes if you want a fairly large number of the same item(s) - contact me. I am already keeping prices as low as possible for everyone - the retiree on a fixed income, the vocational machine shop class with a limited budget - and you! If you are a school or college shop instructor, please contact me before placing an order.

Model Engineering Shows

As of 2006, I have vended at more than 45 shows. They are fun, but also a lot of work. Now, with the increasing cost of booth space, motels and especially gasoline, I am going to cut way down and maybe do a show now and then. If I do a show as a vendor I will post it on my home page a month or so in advance.

Thank you, Jerry E. Howell

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