Author Topic: Clarkson Beam Engine casting kit, starts at $250 (was $440) *SOLD*  (Read 18975 times)

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**SOLD** at N.A.M.E.S. 2013

Here's another set of castings Dad bought but didn't get a chance to start.  It appears to be a complete casting kit for 1/12th scale model of a 12 HP Beam Engine by R. Sanderson, Glasgow England (Scotland?).  The flywheel is 9-3/4" diameter.

Casting is in excellent condition, and includes three pages of slightly faded "blueprints".

I'm not sure of it's value, and an internet search yielded few results.  One forum said one sold a few years ago for approx. $440, so I guess I will use that as a starting point.  I will sell this to the highest bidder, and I will run this "auction" until April 30th.

UPDATE: A knowledgeable builder stated that this was NOT a complete kit, but rather, just the major parts.  It is missing items like the cylinder head and gland, valve chest and valve, crankshaft bearing pedestals and caps, beam bearing pedestals and caps, and crank arm.  I can only assume that Dad figured he could build those parts from bar stock, thus the reason he did not opt for the complete kit.  So, I will start this kit at $250 instead of $440.

To place your bid, just "reply" to this topic (you must have an account - email me for what you want for a user name and password), or send me an e-mail to with your complete name and address with your bid.  I will then post your bid here (I will NOT post your address!).

FYI: I will be taking this casting to the N.A.M.E.S. show in April, and if anyone at the show offers me 5% more than the highest bidder, I will sell it and the "auction" will be cancelled.

Terms: Cash, bank check, or Paypal (+3% Paypal fee).  Shipping will be an extra $20 to anywhere in the U.S.

Here's a link to a completed example:

Click below to go to our retail website:
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