Author Topic: Non-Machinist to build The Miser??  (Read 2853 times)

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Non-Machinist to build The Miser??
« on: March 21, 2010, 01:54:35 PM »

Short Story; Electronics engineer lives on boat and still intends to build a Miser with basic hand tools. The pay-off is experiments (and postings here) using electronics to optimize a Stirling engine while it runs and has variations in heat-delta and output loading. As well as demonstrations to other mariners of the Stirling cycle concept.
...Is asking for scrap parts/ideas from other builders. - Thanks

Long Story:
The WEB is a great way to find just about anything. In my quest to learn, first hand, about efficient Stirling Engines, I found The Miser!

What an awesome demonstration of low temperature delta motive force. So I ordered the Hard-To-Find parts kit and congratulated myself on a good find...

Yet I had to keep going, and sure enough, found many of The Misers built and displayed on websites (thank you those who did this extra effort). And they all looked like gorgeous Museum Quality works of art..... and each a bit personalized.... Hmmmmm Uh Oh! These are all Machinist/Artists with outstanding tool-sets and skills far beyond my resources! But I've pulled-off all kinds of fabrications so far....

I live on a boat in sunny California and although I can build microcontroller circuits, palm sized robots, and even an occasional stainless steel bracket, anything past hand power tools is just not an option. There's not even room for a drill press (a very basic tool). I have 20 years of resourceful scrounging skills and will press on!

So I am NOT going to give up. I doubt my Miser will be worthy of a glass dome display on a majestic mahogany desk, but it will be able to demonstrate a Stirling cycle, using sun and sea temperatures, to my Dock Buddies and Yacht Club members. We all are interested in efficient on-board power generation, even at theoretical levels.

To this end, I hope to persuade some of you who have built a Miser to perhaps sell me a cylinder, piston, and/or other critical components which I'm not even aware of at this point. Since we are all on PayPal, such transactions should be easy.

So If you're interested in a Non-Machinist building a Stirling engine, and in his experiments in variable-ratio-leverage using a microcontroller/servo system to adjust for optimal power output from startup though peak wattage torque, please look around that impressive shop of yours and see if you have some 'first try' parts which might be usable in my 'Scrappy, the Miser' project. With mentors such as Nikolai Tesla and Ben Franklin, I document failures as equally as successes - so there's probably some good laughs ahead too ;-)

Thanks in advance for reading through all this and supporting another Miser being built.

Bryan Drew
Oceanside CA

Allen thinks I have a fair chance, with some patience, through this forum. And my guess is that I'll know a 'real' Miser builder from his historical records  (Nigeria folks need not apply LoL)
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