Author Topic: Photo of "Sideshaft"  (Read 4122 times)

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Photo of "Sideshaft"
« on: October 13, 2009, 09:10:29 PM »
"These are also known by some as 'Fire Eaters' or 'Flame Suckers' but technically, they are 'Atmospheric' engines.

My unique valve mechanism operates from an oscillating side shaft. The engine is shown powered by one of my Mini Propane Burners (a seperate plans set) at the front of the engine. You can run yours with an alcohol lamp if you like. A belt driven fan provides some air cooling, it also adds considerable interest to the engine. There is no ignition or carburetor to cause problems. The engine can operate from 200 RPM up to 3,000 RPM or more! As hot-air engines - not stirling cycle - they are unusual in that they make a popping sound not unlike an internal combustion engine." - Jerry

Here's a photo of "Sideshaft":
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