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"PowerHouse" 4-Cycle Gas Engine / Matt Parker's Powerhouse
« Last post by ahowell on July 04, 2017, 04:21:16 PM »
Got this email from Matt Parker on July 4, 2017.  Click the youtube link at the bottom to see it run!


Thanks again for helping me to solve my hall sensor problem. Even though it wasn't anything more than a bonehead move on my part, it was you who insisted it was the hall sensor leading to me finding the issue.
The below video is my engine finally taking its first breaths of life. Thanks to your father for a great set of plans which allows folks like me to accomplish these builds. I look forward to the next engine build.

Thanks again,
Matt Parker
"Farm Boy" 4 -Cycle Hit-&-Miss Engine / Missing crankshaft/bearing hole?
« Last post by ahowell on May 04, 2017, 06:09:04 AM »
Here's a valid question I received from Richard Piaseki on May 1, 2017:

I just bought the plans for the Farm Boy engine and after reviewing the drwgs., I have a question. Sheet #3 does not show a .500 hole for the crankshaft/bearing. Is there a reason for this or just an omission error?
Richard Piasecki

I wasn't sure, and I also noticed a similar issue with the connecting rod end, so I asked "EngineMaker' (builder of Farmboy #3).  Here's his reply:

On page #3 your Dad gave the dimensions for the placement of the holes as 1.820" from the back edge of the frame and 1.280" from the back of the lap joint. Now the size of the hole is the .500" dimension shown on the crankshaft bushings shown on page #9. Half of the hole is in the bearing cap and the other half is in the frame. I drill and ream my 1/2" holes as the bearing should be captured by the bearing cap ( so it doesn't spin) bur not crush the .376" inside bushing dimension.
On page #8 if you look at the connecting rod drawing, the bottom of the connecting rod dimension is .400" wide and the cap is also .400" wide. The hole goes at the seam of the 2 parts and in the center ( the .900" divided by 2 = .450") from  the edge. The hole size is the .561" dimension shown on page #8 as the rod end bushing. You could actually make the hole drilled an reamed .562" and the bushing .561" dimension .562". In this case the rod cap bolts going through the bearing keep the bearing from turning. My guess is that your Dad meant to say "Drill and Ream a .562 hole through rod big end" instead of .282" as shown on the rod big end assembly picture shown on page #8.
PICTIM ignition module running on a standard 9v battery for the past two hours.  For this demo, the PIC chip has been programmed to simulate a 4-cycle running at 2000 RPM.  Visit for more details.

See this link for YouTube video:
"Howell V-Four" 4-Cycle Gas Engine / Bob Cooke's V4 Update
« Last post by ahowell on October 10, 2016, 05:18:14 AM »
Bob just sent me these photos.  Just a little ignition work, and it'll be ready to run.  Looking great!
"Howell V-Twin" 4-Cycle Gas Engine / Steve Gould's V2
« Last post by ahowell on October 04, 2016, 07:19:56 AM »
Here's an e-mail I received from Steve Gould on Oct 3, 2016:


Hi Allen,
My Howell V2 engine is nearing completion, it’s a handsome looking engine and a bit more difficult to produce than my original assumption. There is still a number of steps to go before completion, but all the main parts are working fine and the cam gear train works very well. Here is a picture, it looks the part when polished!
"Vintage" - Stirling Cycle Engine / Re: Photo of "Vintage"
« Last post by Wittentry86 on August 28, 2016, 07:19:27 PM »
" 'Vintage' is a 90 degree engine with a horizontal displacer cylinder and a verticle power cylinder. Connecting rods for both cylinders us a single crank pin. This makes for easy construction and interesting rod motion. The engine frame (blue) is made from aluminum plate, most of the rest of the engine is machined from brass or stainless steel bar stock. Most of the brass parts were nickel plated, but that is not needed in any way - just cosmetics to suit me!

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Vintage makes a perfect power source for the Miser engine. As such, it is water cooled and a belt powered water pump circulates the warm water through a ring that Miser sits on and back through the engine again. This powers the Miser while the Miser becomes the cooling 'radiator' for Vintage! Just about any other simple radiator can be used such as a 10 foot loop of vinyl aquarium air line tubing, etc!" - Jerry

Here's a photo of "Vintage":

that vintage is really something that is worth of every single penny. i always wanted to have one of that and you are very lucky to have one. the fact that vintage really makes a power source for MIser engine, that is really for me makes it standout from others.
"Vintage" - Stirling Cycle Engine / Re: new here - " hi ! " and a question
« Last post by Throson84 on August 19, 2016, 11:27:10 PM »
"Vintage" has a water pump, and in fact Grandpa used the hot water coming from Vintage to power the "Miser" engine.  Perhaps you can modify Vintage to suit your needs.

Hi! is that so? Thank you so much for that information. Really working forward to use that Vintage thing too.
"Howell V-Four" 4-Cycle Gas Engine / Re: Howell V8 finished
« Last post by Bob Cooke on August 05, 2016, 08:34:52 AM »
What an amazing piece of work!
"Farm Boy" 4 -Cycle Hit-&-Miss Engine / Dave King's engine collection
« Last post by ahowell on July 24, 2016, 04:21:49 PM »
Got this e-mail from Dave King today. His engines look and run great. Thanks for sharing!
Hi Allen
Just a quick note to say I have finished my third engine 'Vickie' and what a stunning looking engine she is.
I had all my engines running together today and have included a picture and a link to a Video. What fun!

( )

My next project is the Ringbom - Stirling Pump Engine to keep me busy for another year.
Many Thanks
Dave King.
Buy/Sell/Trade / "Duplex" Engine Partial Casting Kit, $75 OBO
« Last post by ahowell on May 04, 2016, 04:06:30 PM »
I found this "Duplex" engine partial casting kit in one of Dad's "stuff" boxes.


Flywheel Castings (2)
Fire Door Castings (2)

See photo below.

Email if interested.
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