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"Howell V-4 Engine" Radiator Photos

Using a 1/2" square collet, 2" carriage travel indicator (just above the collet)
and a .040" thick parting tool to make the radiator cores. This method is a little
time consuming, but it makes an efficient, good looking model radiator.

The cores are sweat soldered to the top and bottom manifold headers using
solder paste and an aluminum soldering jig to hold everything square and in
proper alignment. The side frames shown here are NOT part of the jig. A
regular propane torch is used to heat the radiator parts and the jig to the
solder melting point.

The fan shroud is machined of solid aluminum. It is an important part of any
model engine radiator to prevent air being pulled from between the fan blades
and the core and also to pull air through the radiator corners.

The radiator sides mount the radiator to the bottom brackets shown here which
are then mounted to the engine skid rails. Two screws at the top of the side brackets
secure the top of the radiator, and the bottom diagonal screw secures the bottom
header. The upper diagonal screw as well as one at the top - visible in the photo
below - mount the air shroud.

The water inlet from the engine block is at upper left, and the water outlet to the
water pump is at bottom right. The diagonal water flow through a radiator of this
design has equal distant water flow through each core tube so that each tube gets
the same amount of water as any other tube.


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